Medtronic Golf League

  1. Purpose

    The Medtronic Men’s Golf League gives Medtronic male employees the opportunity to get to know others outside of their departments.

  1. Objectives

    To provide fun, relaxation, exercise, self-improvement, challenge and healthy competition while achieving the purpose of the Medtronic Men’s Golf League.

  1. Place, Day, and Time

    Place: Bunker Hills Golf Course

    Day: Mondays

    Time: Tee time is 5:30pm (shotgun start)

  1. Schedule, Teams, and Fee

    1. Team Fees are due 2 weeks prior to the 1st week of play. Team Captains are responsible for collecting their teams Fees and giving them to the League President 2 weeks prior to the start of the season.
    2. All team matches will be played on the dates scheduled. Cancellations will be made up the following week.
    3. Each Team is required to field 4 players for its scheduled matches. A team may consist of 4-6 players to allow ‘off weeks’ for travel and vacation. Up to 4 substitute players are allowed. Up to 3 no-shows or injuries are allowed. See section 7d for “dummy” scoring. See section 7f if the entire team is missing.
    4. Finishing prior to darkness is an issue later in the season (August), and slow play is very much discouraged - all year. Captains are responsible to insure teams are ready on the tee and that play moves quickly. If a player comes late he may join their foursome at the beginning of the subsequent hole and will incur scoring penalties as defined in section 7d.
    5. Competition pairings will be made according to handicaps. The low handicap player will be matched with the opposing team’s low handicap player, the second lowest with the second lowest, etc. The home team captain shall be responsible to set the pairings properly.
    6. If the team Captain is not present, the member of that team with the lowest handicap shall be the acting team captain.
  1. Rules of Play

    The league matches shall be played in accordance with the rules of golf as established by the United States Golf Association (USGA). Exceptions to the USGA rules shall consist of those established and posted by the golf course, and of those established by the league in the interest of promoting fast play and enjoyment by all participants.

    1. It is permissible to improve your lie in the fairway (limited to moving your ball using the club head no more than 4 inches from the original ball position).
    2. In the event temporary greens are encountered during league play, they will be played in the following manner: Any ball that comes to rest within one club length (driver) of the cup shall be deemed a “gimme”. No player shall be required to take more than two actual strokes on a temporary green regardless of how far the ball comes to rest from the cup.
    3. The time limit for looking for lost balls is three minutes. Have a member of the foursome time it. All members of the foursome should assist in the search. If not found, a ball should be dropped in the vicinity of where the ball was lost and a one-shot penalty shall be incurred OR rehit from the original spot (and a one stroke penalty and distance). This is the player’s choice but please keep speed of play in mind before you go back to rehit.
    4. Should a ball be hit out of bounds (white stakes), the player shall drop a ball in the vicinity of the point where the ball crossed the “out of bounds” line and a one stroke penalty shall be incurred OR rehit from the original spot (and a one stroke penalty and distance). This is the player’s choice but please keep speed of play in mind before you go back to rehit.
    5. The use of a GPS device is permitted under the following condition - the player with the GPS device must provide GPS distance information to anyone in his foursome if asked to do so.
  1. Regular Handicaps

    1. League handicaps will be calculated as 80% of the difference between the average adjusted score, in league play and par if player has played less than 10 rounds. For players with 10 rounds or more, handicaps will be determined using the best six rounds of the last twelve league rounds played. (94% of the difference between the average of the best 6 rounds and par).
    2. Maximum number of strokes given per 9 holes = 20.
    3. Maximum score allowed on any given hole (for handicap purposes only) is 8 (So, scores over 8 count in your match but your adjusted score counts for calculation of handicap).
    4. For players who have not previously established a handicap with the Medtronic Men’s golf league, the Medtronic Monday Golf league scorekeeper will attempt to dump a ‘dummy’ handicap into the scorekeeping spreadsheet without effecting future handicap calculations for that player. If this is not possible then the 1st week handicap will be zero for that player. If it is possible, the scorekeeper will use the following methods for determining the 1st week handicap:
      1. USGA handicap index + adjustment for Bunker Hills – if available.
      2. Handicap from last years’ league at another course + adjustment for Bunker Hills – if available.
      3. Score for that night + 5 strokes distributed in accordance with section 7d.
  1. Regular Season Team Scoring

    Each pairing will consist of:

    1. Medal play - 3 points will be awarded to the player with the lowest net score. Points are split equally in the case of a tie.
    2. Match play - 1 point for lowest net score on a hole (9 points total). Points are split equally in case of a tie.
    3. Team play - 2 points for the team with the lowest total net score. Points are split equally in the case of a tie. Total Possible Team Points per Week = 50 (3+9=12 x 4 matches = 48 + 2 team points = 50).
    4. Golfing un-opposed. In the event a player is missing at tee time, that team will take a “dummy” score for the holes that the late or absent player misses. The “dummy” score will be based on the player who was scheduled to play (his average plus 5 strokes). Strokes are distributed one at a time over the 9 holes in the order of difficulty from hardest to easiest until the score on each hole is equal to par. When the hole has accumulated par, it is skipped until all holes are scored at par. If strokes still remain to be distributed, continue to parse them as above based solely on the difficulty rating of the holes.
    5. If the missing player has not yet established a handicap, the average score for all people who golfed on the night in question will be used to determine the handicap. One stroke per hole will be added to that score and allocated to the various holes as specified in section 7d.
    6. The only condition that will constitute a forfeit is when an entire team is missing. In this case the opposing team will receive 12 points for each opposing player who plays the round plus 2 points for the team (50 points maximum). The opposing team will be required to turn in their scorecard, as usual, but the scores will not be counted for handicap purposes.
    7. In the event that a player cannot complete the 9 holes (injury, etc.) although teammates and opponents do, the “dummy” score will be used for the missing holes.
  1. Reporting Match Results

    1. Each team validates the scorecard. The home team captain will be responsible for turning in the scorecards before leaving the golf course. Turn cards into the League President or ScoreKeeper (or their designate) before leaving.
    2. If no cards are turned in, the visiting team will receive 25 points, the home team will receive 0 points.
  1. Rainouts

    1. The League President will notify the Pro Shop before 4:00 P.M. if the league has been cancelled. Players should contact Bunker Hills Golf Course Pro Shop (763) 755-4141 to see if the league has been cancelled.
    2. Rain or threat of storm at the course at tee time:
      1. The league president, and/or the league scorekeeper will make the decision on whether to play. If none of these are present, the captains for the 1st match will decide to cancel or play by majority vote of their teams at the course. The home team captain is responsible for taking the vote. If the vote ends in a tie, there will be no play. If it is raining or there is threatening weather at the time of the first scheduled match, no group should tee off. They must wait for the decision on whether to play. If the matches are canceled, they will be played the following week. The entire schedule will be moved back.
  1. End of Year / Tournament / 15th Week

    1. At the end of the season a shotgun start 9-hole team scramble will be held. Up to 6 players per team can play, but only 4 players will play any given hole. Captains will decide which team members play each hole. Teams are allowed to consist of less than 6 players (1-5) may play in the scramble if team members are not available. However, this is an end of the year event where everyone in the league is encouraged to play on the same night (and stay for a beverage).
    2. If the team has 6 players, each player must play 6 holes (and sit out 3 holes). If the team has 5 players, each player must play at least 7 holes (and sit out at least 1 hole). If the team has 4 players, each player will play all 9 holes. If the team has less than 4 players, the team must play the scramble with less shots to choose from. The event will be handicapped and prize money for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place will be awarded.
    3. The contest will abide by the rules governing normal league play. In the event that this event results in a tie, there will be a putt-off between teams to break any ties for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. The putt-off will consist of the team captain placing a ball on the green at any position or distance from the hole that he wishes and the opposing team captain deciding whether he wants to putt it or pass the putt back to the team that placed the ball. Once a team is selected to putt, that team captain picks who on his team will putt. The putt is attempted. If the putt is made they win the tie-breaker, if it is missed they lose the tie-breaker.
  1. Other League Information

    1. League Officers
      1. President: Logan Jacobson
      2. Vice President & Web Developer: James Dawson
      3. Scorekeeper: Paul Kratoska
    2. Regular Season Format
      1. The season will consist of two 7-week halves.
      2. The overall league championship will be determined by the best scramble score between the 1st half and 2nd half champions during the 15th week event.
    3. Green Fees and Membership Fees
      1. This is partially sponsored as a Medtronic Sports Action Team. Green fees for the whole season are paid prior to the start of the season.
      2. Players will be responsible to arrange for a sub if they cannot play.
      3. Fees will be calculated (by the League President, and/or Scorekeeper) based on the amount of Medtronic sponsorship, Bunker Hills charges, and a pool of prize money.
    4. Team Formation
      1. Since this league is a Medtronic Sponsored Sports Action Team. Our league needs to maintain 75% Medtronic employee participation. This may include subs. League officers must be current Medtronic employees. The President of the league shall make the final determination of the golf teams so that the 75% Medtronic employees is maintained. Priority will be given to 1) Medtronic employees, 2) Retirees, 3) Historical participation.
    5. End of Year Prizes

      Prizes will be awarded at the end of the year as follows:

      1. Overall League Champion - Team
      2. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places in the 1st and 2nd halves - Teams
      3. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places for the team scramble event (if it can be arranged) - Teams
      4. Individuals who get:
        1. a Hole-in-One
        2. an Albatross
        3. an eagle on a par 4
        4. a gross round under par (35 or less)
        5. a net round under 30 (29 or less)
        6. *The individual prize pool will be divided up by the number of these achievements.

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